Results-Oriented Software Consultant

Proven success scaling websites to the global top 50, and building low-TCO solutions that permanantly increase profit.

Global Top 50

Personally designed a high-reliability, high-scalability advertising engine so the business team can stop worrying, and get back to what matters.

Understands Business

Knows how to apply technology to business requirements, and that every change should be for the bottom line. Software serves the business and should be designed accordingly.

Produces Measurable Results

Extensive experience working with split testing, optimization, and scalability to keep your products running smoothly and converting well.

Increases ROI

Flexible, long term solutions let you confidently rest knowing everything is working just fine.

Get In Touch

Email me about anything. You cannot possibly waste my time. I love talking about software and technology. Need some advice? Want a software recommendation? Debugging pointers? Video game cheat codes?